What is “whatis what”?

Welcome to Your Linux Guy .com.

Currently, this site is simply a blog-calling-card for me, Jeremy Pavlov, and my consulting and services.  I post what I feel like, when I feel like it, or in response to your questions.  I typically publish when I have something I need to document somewhere so I’ll remember it later…

You see, I might not be *The* Linux Guy (that domain was already taken, by the way), but I want to be *Your* Linux Guy.  Or Your NetWare Guy or AD Domain Integration Guy, or Azure or Cloud Guy, etc., etc…  Or your technology consultant in general!  I specialize in consulting services for all things Linux/Unix, Cloud-related, opensource and infrastructure in general, and also offer services in many other related technologies in the “Enterprise” spheres.  Heck, I’ll even push a broom for you if you pay my rate….

By the way, if you’re curious;  the command “whatis what” is likely to be a valid command on a linux machine, depending on your distro and the packages installed.  The “whatis” tool is used to easily show a description field from a “man” page.  The “what” tool is a development tool. Try typing “whatis what” or “whatis man” or “man whatis” or “man what” or “why am i still typing this”.

Warning:  If you type “whatis meaningoflife”, you get “meaningoflife: nothing appropriate.”  And that’s just sad.


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  1. Tony Zielinski

    Hello out there in GNU/Linux land. Jokes on you! I get “meaningoflife: 42”! And that’s just wonderful! Anyhow, you’ll surely be delighted to hear that you’re the most relevant Google result for “whatis what?”, which is how I landed here today.

    On another note, will you consider changing your name to The GNU/Linux Guy? The dotcom isn’t even taken, and it’s a much better name, according to the Free Software Foundation. Keep on nerding in the free world!

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