Linux Journal Stops Printing…

It is the sad sign of an end of an era, and yet-more proof that I am old.

Apparently, I’m one of the few people left in the world that want a *printed* Linux magazine, making me a relic of a by-gone era.  I came to these realizations as I read through the email I got from Linux Journal, announcing that:

The August 2011 issue marks our last print run for Linux Journal, but it is not our last edition.


Beginning with the September 2011 edition of Linux Journal, issue number 209, all subscribers will be offered Linux Journal Digital Edition.

Of course, the email goes into great detail about how they didn’t *want* to do this, but they *have* to (for various reasons).  I guess the primary reason is cost and such, but nobody ever asked *me* if I’d be willing to pay more per issue to cover the increasing printing and distribution costs.

Honestly, I’m so frustrated that I’d un-subscribe if I hadn’t already paid in advance for like 10 years.

Now, I’m going to have to 1.) find *another* printed magazine to which I can subscribe (if there are any left), and 2.) struggle in the meantime with my horrible PDF reader app on my phone whenever I actually try and read the LJ digital issue.  I almost wish they would have partnered with someone like or something, in order to be delivered in a mobile-friendly format, but I digress…

The thing is, I take my printed issues of Linux Journal (and some other printed magazines) everywhere I go when I anticipate having to wait:  Haircuts, doctor’s office, daughter’s dance class, etc.  In fact, many times during these waiting situations, my phone is monopolized with TMBG ABC’s or 123’s videos (if you’re not a parent, you probably won’t understand), and I end up being left with the print issues I brought.  So now it looks like my choices will be to read the useless magazines around the doctor’s office, or buy another appliance to play videos for my kids.  Argh.

None of those things are that big of a deal, I suppose; but the bottom line is that I *like* the printed magazine.  And now I’m going to look around and try to find another Linux Magazine in print (if there is one, any suggestions folks?).  And I guess this is what makes me old.




  1. Joe R

    A pricey option from the Brits?

    Not really a substitue for a linux rag . . .

    I hope you are doing very well!

  2. Darren W

    Nah, there is at least 2 people that liked the printed version. =) Sad part was that I didn’t realize they went digital only, so I missed a issue or two. Wasn’t until I actually logged into Linux Journal to find the horrible news and to end my mystery as to where in the world is my LJ magazine. =) But I suppose I’d rather them be only digital if that helps keep them publishing this fine fine magazine.

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