How do I get Opensuse11 to run an iFolder3 client against older iFolder3 servers?

This is a follow-up to an earlier, similar post about Opensuse 10.3 and iFolder 3.2/3.4. Please follow the link to read the history, or this post might not make much sense on its own… 😉

I’m still loving my OpenSUSE 11 installation, a few days after release. Except for the fact that I have to re-initialize xgl/compiz after every restart to get my 3d graphics…. but I’ll figure that out later…

But, as is almost always the case when a new distro is released, I end up having to struggle to make all my old, out-of-date apps run on the latest, cutting-edge OS. Hmph.

…Which brings me around to iFolder 3. As may already know, I still use iFolder 3.2 and iFolder 3.4 day-to-day for my home and corporate servers. So I cannot live without making them work on my desktop, which is now the afore-mentioned whiz-bang Opensuse11. If you want to do the same, here’s all you need to know about that:

  1. There are obviously some prereq’s for the iFolder3 client. You can use the “mono-complete” and “xsp” (I think I also used libflaim and some others, I can’t remember) from the OpenSUSE11 repository, but the important thing is that you DON’T use the log4net (v1.2.10) from the repository. It won’t play nice with the version of simias referenced in the next step. Use log4net v1.2.9 (that I provide for you at this link, or get it somewhere else you trust). Of course, watch out to make sure the updater doesn’t update it! You might want to lock it
  2. Install the rest of the packages as outlined in my previous post on this topic.

That should do it. Mind you, I just set it up and sync’d but no problems so far. I’ll try to keep this post updated should anybody ever release any updates and packages. If you see any, please comment and let me know!



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