Why are there so many penguins on the Internet?

This question… and answer… was forwarded indirectly to me by Joe’s dad, from “Joe”…

Early yesterday morning, when Joe’s dad passed this question along to me, I immediately took it as a curiosity. Knowing that Joe is a bright young man, I started thinking to my self, “Clearly this is a loaded question.” I began to spout conjecture to Joe’s dad about how it’s possible that because Penguins are cute that more pictures of them are posted in public sites, or perhaps because of Linux’s popularity growth, there are many more pictures from Linux-based logos, or perhaps search engines handle the results of a search for “penguin” differently since there are few words similar to it…. and so on…

Then Joe’s dad stopped me. As he cracked a smile, he said, “It’s a joke… Because they have WEBbed feet.”

Then I went and got coffee. I clearly needed coffee…

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