How to remove all ads and donation requests…

Just kidding. 😉 This is really just my way of saying that as of 3/29/2023, I have taken down my advertisements and donation request links.


Because in March of 2023, the Akismet organization (the company that makes the software that protects this site from spam, and is owned by Automattic, which is the company that also makes this website site software, WordPress) has contacted me to tell me that I was violating the terms of service for “Personal” use. They told me that running Google ads and/or asking folks to chip in a buck (here, and at one of my other personal hobby sites) makes me a “commercial” site… and would force me to buy a commercial subscription unless I file paperwork to become a non-profit.

And I’m sure you get it; I’m just doing this because I like Linux (and other hobby interests) and I want to help people…

So, I have removed all ads and requests for donations in the hopes that I can return to their good graces and perhaps meet the definition of non-commercial.

Wish me luck… We’ll see.

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