Ways to tick off your company’s Linux guy.

Every company has one of them. The guy that thinks Linux is the answer to all the world’s problems. He is the evangelist that would probably end up saving your company millions, but no one listens to him. I find they are usually very fun to mess with. Try these little tricks the next time he is giving his latest dissertation on the benefits of Linux.

Trick them into saying that Windows in their cube would be nice. I find that this works especially well on a nice sunny day. Then continue to taunt them with “you love Windows, you love Windows”.

Pronounce it Line-ux.

Everytime you hear the words “open-source”, reply with “open-source, open-schmorse”.

Change your Windows start-up theme to a self recorded mp3. Something along the lines of “Windows, 3 Billion people can’t be wrong”.

And lastly, blame everything on Linux. Power outage? There’s probably a Linux server crashing somewhere that is the culprit. No coffee in the breakroom? Probably has something to do with Linux. Getting strangled by the company Linux guy for being a smart ass? Well, you and I both know where to point that finger.

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  1. Pavlov


    For the US, at least, it’s “lih-nucks.”

    Some other languages might pronounce it as “lee-nooks”, but it’s still the same thing with just a different accent applied. This, in fact, is how Linus himself pronounces it.

    This is not a mystery! It is language-based pronunciation differences!


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