How do I install Linux on a USB drive?


Simply follow the directions at the link listed below.

Now here’s the cool part. The complete install including download of the iso and associated files was roughly 3 hours with numerous breaks. In reality it was less than an hour of work though.

Now here’s the cooler part. I booted by laptop from my generic Micro Center 2 gig drive ( which retails for about 15 bucks ) and everything worked nicely. I had network / internet connectivity and a host of awesome applications installed by default.

KDE ( my favorite )
terminal server
& a lot of other cool junk too!

This is pretty freakin’ awesome considering that I have about 3 months of Linux experience.

I will continue to share my Linux USB drive experience.


  1. Pavlov

    Here’s just one (of many) alternative: buy a pre-configured 2GB USB device with D.S.L. on it!

    Also, this one looks good is you’re really into Ubuntu…

  2. Joe

    I am really impressed at how well knoppix works without having to even know anything about linux 🙂

    Phil and I have jsut started to delve into the linux world – I am dl’ing the SLED 10 iso right now and tomorrow I am going to get the SLES.

  3. Dude

    Here’s a link to a cool tip to make a opensuse 11 boot USB:

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