How to in-place upgrade from Opensuse 11.4 to 12.1

Following along in my line of “Readers Digest” versions of the official Opensuse upgrades procedures, (here are a couple of my past ones: 11.1, 11.2, 11.4) here’s the latest for upgrading in-place from 11.4 to 12.1:

zypper modifyrepo --all --disable
zypper addrepo --name "openSUSE-12.1 OSS" repo-12.1-oss
zypper addrepo --name "openSUSE-12.1 Non-OSS" repo-12.1-non-oss
zypper addrepo --refresh --name "openSUSE-12.1 Updates" repo-12.1-update
zypper ref
zypper dup --download "in-advance"

I like to use the “in-advance” setting so I can be sure all the packages are downloaded before the upgrade begins.  You just never know when there might be a power outage…

Of course, if you were using alternative repos, you might want to add those back too.  For instance, if you had the google-chrome repo, you’d enter this command to re-enable it:

zypper mr -e google-chrome

…you can find the rest of your disabled repos (from the first step above) with this command:

zypper sl

You might want to remove your disabled 11.4-based repos, since you no longer need them. So based on the list from the command above, you can remove them in one command.  Here’s the command I used to remove all my 11.4 repos (your repos may be different!):

zypper rr Updates-for-openSUSE-11.4-11.4-0 openSUSE-11.4-11.4-0 repo-debug repo-debug-update repo-non-oss repo-source

Enjoy your upgraded machine!




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