Why won’t Console1 work on Opensuse10.3?

I know, I know. Use iManager. Whatever. Look — No matter whether you like it or not, Console1 is still an important tool to us Novell administrators. And that is why I installed it on my Opensuse10.3 machine, and ran into this problem…

The problem is the new Java jre that’s in the Opensuse10.3 distro (jre version 1.5.0_12 as I write this), in combination with the fact that Console1 (version 1.3.6h as I write this) would prefer a 1.4.x jre. You can solve this problem using EITHER of two ways:

  1. Get a 1.4 jre and point your Console1 startup script (/usr/ConsoleOne/bin/ConsoleOne) at it manually, or…
  2. Add the following line somewhere mear the top of your Console1 startup script to fix the persnickety behavior of the new jre as follows: export LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=1

Regarding option 1, fixing things by going backward in time is not my preferred way of doing things — *especially* when it comes to multiple jre’s — but I have to admit I’ve done this in the past when I’ve had to.

Option 2 is best, because when either the jre is updated to be compatible, or if Console1 is updated and you continue to use the same script, it will continue to just work.

This may fix other things for you as well, since I’m sure other programs that were coded for the older jre will have a similar problem.


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  1. Brian Moffet

    go old sloppy lock thing kicks but.

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