What is your favorite Linux-related podcast?

Okay readers, I need your help.

I have been listening to LugRadio for its entire 5-season run, and was really saddened to hear that they’ve gone off the “air” mid-2008.

Some background on me… You see, I ride a motorcycle for my daily commute most of the year (since I live in the mid-west US, some/much of the winter is too brutal to ride).  I don’t listen to any entertainment while riding the motorcycle (other than being entertained by the interconnection with the world), so I wait until the non-riding season to catch up on all my podcasts in my car. As of this morning, I am *finally* up to the penultimate LugRadio episode (depending on whether or not you count the Lug Radio Live as an episode proper, which Aq does, and Jono does not, according to statements in season 5, episode 22).

Anyway… So here I am, almost to the end of the “car” season for me, and almost at the end of my cache of LugRadio. But, soon, I’ll be needing my fix of… something… But what will it be?

So please tell me… to what podcast do *you* listen? Are there any with the same entertainment value? With the same intellectual value? With the same technical level?

Drop me an email or just post a reply. And thank you for helping me in my rehabilitation…


Addendum: I feel like the the folks over at Tectonic felt my pain… check out this article!

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