How do I add NCP trustee assignments at a command prompt?

Ever since my post about backing up and restoring NCP trustee assignments, I’ve had quite a few hits on this blog from Internet searches about similar topics. Many times people seem to find this site while searching about managing trustee assignments at the command line (shell prompt).

So, since that afore-mentioned post was… well, shall we say… voluminous in nature… I decided I’d make a quick post that gets right to the point. So here are two general things you need to know when using a bash shell to enter (or manage) NCP trustee assignments on Suse OES / SLES server at the command line (there, I hope I hit all the searchable terms).

Standard Rights Command
Here are some examples of standard rights commands. These are for illustation only, but I tried to include a good cross-section of syntax and option use:

ncpcon rights view "/localncpvol/ITdept"
ncpcon rights add "VOL2:" Siteadmin.Site.CORP RWCEMFA
ncpcon rights add "VOL2:/Users/jdoe" jdoe.SALES.CORP RWCEMF
ncpcon rights add VOL2:/Apps CORP RF
ncpcon rights add "VOL2:/Apps/Sales" Sales.SALES.CORP RWCEMF
ncpcon rights add /localncpvol/Apps Hiredguy.IT.CORP RCMFA
ncpcon rights rem "/localncpvol" Firedguy.IT.CORP

…and if you don’t mind, I’ll spare you the lesson on what the rights “RWCEMFA” are. If you’re here, you probably already know. If not, drop me an email or comment below and I’ll help out. But please note, no leading dot for eDir usernames… that tripped me up in the beginning…

Inherited Rights Mask Command
Oh yes, we need to set the mask! Especially when rebuilding a volume. The examples below are a couple sets of rights that you may find on your volume already as a standard part of a volume. Again, just for illustration only:

ncpcon irm set "VOL2:/._NETWARE" S
ncpcon irm set "VOL2:" S

I hope that helps… And I’ll try to keep monitoring your search terms out there, but feel free to drop me a line or post a comment if you need something clarified!



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