Microsoft goes Linux… Again…

Microsoft has been becoming more and more Linux-friendly these days.  Even more than usual.

For someone that’s been around the ‘biz as long as me, this is something I couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago.  Sure, I have seen Microsoft become involved with Linux in occasional various “strange bedfellows” types of ways in the past, but now this is a full-on embrace.

Case-in-point, Microsoft has announced a new certification, called “MCSA: Linux on Azure“.  Clearly they understand that now, as a Cloud provider, they have a diverse customer base and want to make sure that partners and customers alike know what they are doing when it comes to bringing your Linux-based workloads to the cloud.

As the certification name suggests, there are two tests necessary to achieve this new certification: One for Azure, and one on Linux:

Lucky me, I already have the Microsoft Azure test under my belt.  Unfortunately for me, I have lots of Linux certifications, but not the LFCS.  But it looks like this is something I’ll be looking into, and soon…


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