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  1. Steve

    Ok so I might be a bit crazy here but you are the Linux guy.. 🙂 I am looking to output screen activity to a local drive. (On the machine that is running the putty session.) For instace let say I am running a “rug lu” command on a master server that is going out and contacting all of my other servers to see what updates they need. Well we all know that the putty screen will only hold so much text before it dumps it to make room for new. So I am looking for a way to run the “rug lu” command and have it dump the output my local maching to look over and see what updates I have ahead of me…

  2. Jeremy Pavlov


    For OpenSuse servers…

    Please see this post:

    That is exactly what I was after. If you download that script in the post, then change it to executable (for instance, chmod 700 filename), then run it, it will generate a comparison and dump the results to screen and output file, and tell you where the file is.

    It will not actually update your system (in the current state). Later, if you get more brave, you can go in the file and un-comment the zypper lines I commented out that actually update the system… Or change them to rug lines…

    For SLES/OES servers…

    Just do this: rug lu > /tmp/lu.txt, then go look at the file with less /tmp/lu.txt
    Or, you could have it emailed to you like this:
    rug lu |mailx -s "Updates from $HOSTNAME" root
    …of course, that assumes that you are having root mail sent off the box. Otherwise you use your email address instead of root.


  3. Steve

    Perfect!!!! Thanks…

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