What is: “not supported calendar message.ics”

I guess February is NetWare / Novell month here at yourLinuxGuy.com, because I have another Novell-related tip for you.  But this time it’s more about GroupWise and its relation ship with Outlook.

I think this only relates to the latest versions of Outlook 2010, but it may happen to other versions.  Here’s the symptom:  Whenever a GroupWise user sends a recurring appointment to an Outlook 2010 user, the Outlook user gets the following:

  • The appointment arrives as a regular email
  • Viewing the email never changes it to a status of opened
  • The message has an attachment with the message “not supported calendar message.ics

Well, I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news.

The good news is that Novell knows about it, as indicated by this TID.  Also, you *can* do something about it in some cases, and I have a potential work-around for you.

The bad news is that the direct fix is not currently available, and even when it is fixed, the… um.. goal post will probably move again…

Anyway, here’s my tip:  If the Outlook recipient happens to have a BlackBerry (or other such device with a local calendar) that is synchronized in a non-enterprise mode (again, meaning local calendar), then all that Outlook-using person needs to do is accept the appointment on the Blackberry, and then synchronize the Blackberry via the Desktop software.

Alright, I know that sounds like a pain, but remember, this is only for *recurring* appointments sent *to* Outlook 2007 or 201 users, *from* a GroupWise 8 account.  So that shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right?  Right?


Good luck out there…


  1. Laura

    I have a user that receives this type of meeting, but there is no blackberry device involved. We locally cache mail/calendars and intermittently she will receive a meeting in this state…have you ever seen that?

  2. Jeremy Pavlov


    Yes, absolutely. Basically, it seems to happen whenever it is an appointment that recurs in anyway; either in series, or with more than one event, etc. I just use the Blackberry to *fix* it.

    – Jeremy

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