How can I make Windows 7 talk to NetWare CIFS?

I recently needed to make Windows 7 work with NetWare CIFS  (remember that I’m, too)…  The good news is that it seems to work great!  The bad news is that Microsoft changed the default behavior for the CIFS client side of things since the “old” days, so you have to make a mild tweak to make it work.  Here’s what I did…

On the Windows 7 machine, fire up a Microsoft Management Console (MMC):

Start button, Run…, type in “mmc” and hit enter

Add the Snap-In for Group Policy:

File, Add/Remove Snap-in…, Group Policy Object Editor, Add, and you can leave it set to “Local Computer”

Browse to, and expand:

Local Computer Policy
Computer Configuration
Windows Settings
Security Settings
Local Policies

…and select:

Security Options

…and scroll down to:

Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level Properties

You can read the “Explain” tab for the reasoning, but you just need to set the setting to:

Send LM & NTLM responses

…and that’s it!  You’re off to transferring files.  I hope it helps.  Of course, all this is assuming you has the CIFS/NetWare set up correctly in the first place…


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