A New Year/Opportunity…

Happy New Year to all!  And Happy New Opportunity to me…

After 14 years and 4 months, I have left Cavalier (A PAETEC Company), effective with the closing of 2010.

For those that don’t know, I was hired at Ideal Technology Solutions in ’96…  which was acquired by LDMI…  which was acquired by Talk America…  which was acquired by Cavalier…  which was acquired by PAETEC just a couple weeks ago.  So in total, I worked for 5 companies, and never left my job.  What a wild ride.

I have taken a position at Coretek Services, effective as of the new year.

I want to thank all my past customers, managers, co-workers, and friends (and blog readers) for all the fun and adventure I’ve had throughout the years.  I’m sure I’ll bump into many of you along the way as I launch this exciting new chapter of my career.  See you out there…

And I want to thank the great people at Coretek Services for the warm welcomes, and the opportunity to continue to grow and challenge myself…

These are exciting times, indeed!


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  1. Chris Baxmann

    Congratulations on your new job, J. I was notified today that I am now an officially registered CISSP from ISC2. I believe that cigars are in order, n’est pas?


  2. Jeremy Pavlov

    @ Chris –

    Thanks! And congratulations to you too!

  3. James

    It’s about time! Doing the same thingish? Congrats!

  4. Anthony Steffens

    Hey Congrats…I am glad you found something new! I am still working on that project we spoke about, it is just moving slower then I wanted it to. Should have some news in the up coming weeks. Hopefully I can get you one to test with. Talk to you soon, keep in touch!

  5. jlc

    Actually, Jeremy, the unemployed guy buys lunch. That dates back to April 1997… Best of luck. 😛

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