Opensuse 11.3 is out!

I’ll spare you all of what you can read all over the Internet about the specifics of the latest Opensuse 11.3 release (and there are some good ones, like All About Linux, and OStatic to name a couple) …  And instead I’ll just provide some rambling anecdotes for you…

But I do want to say from the outset:  It really is beautiful.

I had been running the 32 bit version of the “Release Candidate 1” on a Lenovo R60 for a week or so, and was blown away.  When it was officially released, I put the 64 bit version on a Lenovo T500 and am even more amazed.

For the most part, it has the bones and muscles of Opensuse 11.2 underneath…  But at the surface of the skin, everything seems smoother, faster, quicker, prettier, easier… just better.

You see, I’ve been running Opensuse for years as a laptop OS, and my laptop is a mission-critical tool to my work as a consultant.  And pretty much on the day of each new release, I download and load up the Opensuse OS, try to figure out how to make iFolder and Jungledisk work, pull back my data, and then try to make the rest of my favorite apps work.  This time, the iFolder3.8 client (part of the distro these days) and Jungledisk installed and worked so easily, I was up in no time flat.

It looks like VMware Server 2x is going to be more of a problem though, given the new kernel version 2.6.34.x….  Maybe we can get Radu interested, although maybe not, since he seems pretty fed up with having to support all his awesome previous work.  Well, since it looks like VMware doesn’t seem to be releasing updates to VMware Server 2x anymore (or at least that’s the rumors I hear), maybe it’s time for me to move over to KVM for good this time…


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