OpenSUSE 11

So here I am, writing my first post from my new OpenSUSE 11 installation. Pretty darned slick so far!

I must say that the “README” (a.k.a. Release Notes)– which can be viewed during the file copy part of the installation process — is full of important info. I strongly recommend reading it, especially if you’re used to the way Opensuse 10.3 behaves. The installation is SUPER-slick, by the way, and so easy that anyone (even a first-timer) can do it.

The only problem I ran into so far is not even Suse’s fault. My video card is not supported by Xgl, and as described in the README, Xgl is enabled by default on all machines with a supported video. The README also mentioned that I could use the command:

xgl-switch --enable-xgl

…and I should be fine. But, it didn’t work for me. It just gave me errors that I didn’t really bother to look in to. So, I though I’d just move on to checking out the new Compiz admin tool, called:


…(don’t worry, the old ccsm is still there) and see what it looked like. The cool thing is that as soon as I launched the tool, it automatically enabled Xgl for me!! Then I moved on to find where they stashed all my favorite Compiz and Beryl stuff in the admin tool. By the way, I’m not sure, but Xgl seems faster now to me… maybe I’m just excited…  😉

Now I’m happy… so far…But I haven’t really done much yet. We’ll see how it goes as I start to use all the tools that I’m used to day-to-day… Either way, I move boldly forward! And I hope you will too.

Let me know what your impressions are!


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