What happened to the DNS Server logging screen on OES2 / NetWare 6.5 sp7?

This one was really submitted by Joe, though he doesn’t know it yet… šŸ˜‰

Joe works for a company that recently upgraded from NetWare 5.x to NetWare 6.5 sp7, a.k.a OES2. He asked me where the nice NAMED.NLM logging-to-screen went, since he used to be able to see some of the query and debug info, and missed seeing it on the new version.

After looking through the different options on the Novell DNS server documentation page, I tried a few different options until I found one that I like, but you can try variants to taste. Here’s my favorite so far:

named.nlm -dl 2 -s

This means: loading the DNS server daemon, debug level 2, log to screen.

A couple caveats:

  • Here’s the biggest “gotcha”… you *must* include the “-s” if you wish to see it logged to screen. Otherwise you can turn on all the debugging you want, and you won’t see it.
  • Also, you should unload named first, since although *some* of the options allow you to add them re-entrantly (meaning additionally without an explicit unload), some do not, and I didn’t check if these do or not.

So go ahead, get creative… maybe try out some of the various options with the “-dc” flag, too… Enjoy!

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  1. Joe

    Anytime anyone finds a purposeful reason to use the term “re-entrantly” appropriately I am assuaged that their is still good in the world.

    With OES2 you will have a “DNS Server” console screen instead of the NAMED console screen you had in previous versions.

    I will post the results of trying the different options as I try them.

    Many, many thanks for your help Jeremy!

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