How do I best add my WPC54GS to my T42 SLED 10 box? (Part III)

This is follow-up to a couple of earlier posts I made a while back. See Part I or Part II for reference.

Ok gang, in the earlier posts I talked about the philosophy about — and the steps required to set up — wireless on Linux. Now, I want to offer one more thing; my specific launch script I use to over-ride the defaults in Suse. Let me explain and remind you a bit….

On *my* laptop, where I use the wireless adapter, I also have Xen paravirtualized guests and VMWare virtualized guests. I need absolute, predictable, control over my interface for proper networking of my guest/lab environment in *different* network locations. So, there is no way I can allow the Suse built-in network configuration tools to control my adapters and my environment. Instead, I run a set of scripts for my wireless configuration, one of which I want to share with you.

The contents of this script are not overly complex, or innovative, but it is a nice, orderly, convenient way for me to setup my different wireless networks when traveling between my home and my office (or other). So I offer it to you as the final piece of the pie in how I do it….

By the way, I *have* edited it down a bit, removed extraneous comments, and changed some specifics like addressing… Enjoy!


..two things are worth noting in this file: 1.) You’ll note that I have made different resolv.conf files, and copy the appropriate ones into place depending on my location. Also, 2.) I drop into wpa_cli at the end mainly as a debug; because if you look at my wpa_supplicant.conf.example, you can see that since I have multiple networks configured, I like to send a “select_network 1” to the wpa_cli to get things going…


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