Minor ZPM problems, and ZCM patch 10.2.1

It’s still ZCM month here at youLinuxGuy.com / yourZcmGuy.com….

It’s funny – I had a post all ready to go for Monday of this week, but didn’t publish it.  It was a little rant/gripe about some minor database corruption having to do with the Patch Management (ZPM) piece in Zenworks Configuration Management (ZCM) that I couldn’t seem to solve (and I hate that!).  I was stuck in a purgatory without any new patches…

It seemed to all start after I deployed the August PRU, but I can’t be sure if that was just correlation and not causation.  Basically, I had a couple stuck patches that were somehow corupt and could not be properly correlated between the DB and the file store part of ZPM (at least that what I gleaned from the logs).  I did almost everything I could, short of starting an SR (c’mon now!); removing the product, unregistering, zapping/rebuilding the ZPM filestore, etc., etc., etc.

I was all ready to post that rant when I started reading (thanks to the amazing Shaun Pond; really, where would we be without him!?!?) that the latest 10.2.1 patch was to arrive any day and seemed to fix everything people complained about.  Well, almost everything.

So I waited, and bam!  Down it came the afternoon of the 19th.  I popped it in my server, and instantly it fixed my problem, and the patches were downloading, the logs were clean, and I was a happy camper.

I guess it’s fair to say that guilt prompted me to come back to this post and re-write it so that I would not mis-lead anyone… but my conscience prompted me to still mention the problem even though it is now fixed….


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